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MERN Stack Development

At Aravind Infotech we leverage the full breadth of the MERN Stack framework to improve the user experience of your mobile and web app. Our MERN Stack technology experts are best placed to offer custom MERN Stack development across verticals. Our excellent maintenance services enable customers to concentrate on their core business and focus on value-addition. As one of the leading MERN Stack development company based in India,

Aravind Infotech believes that our ability to leverage design thinking to MERN Stack development is what sets us apart and makes customers pick us over our competition. Our MERN Stack development team is highly experienced and can help you develop best-in-class apps.

What Is MERN Stack Development?

MongoDB As A Database

Mongo DB is an open-source NoSQL database that is cross-platform document-oriented in nature. Mongo DB provides businesses to be more agile and scalable. It supports a variety of data formats and has a flexible architecture. Aravind Infotech has a team of experts for Mongo DB development.

ReactJS As A Frontend Framework

React JS is an extensive JavaScript library for developing an ultra-fast client-side user interface, and also used as a base for building single-page applications (SPA) or Mobile apps. Aravind Infotech has a team of highly proficient and skilled developers for React JS development.

ExpressJS As A Framework

Express JS is a web application framework for Node JS; It is very minimal and flexible in nature, which provides a set of useful features to build APIs and dynamic portal applications. Aravind Infotech has expertise in utilizing Express JS as a server-side framework.

NodeJS As A Server Platform

Node JS represents ‘JavaScript everywhere’ paradigm. It is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that is used for developing fast and scalable server-side applications. It has a rich library of various JavaScript modules. Aravind Infotech is a pioneer in building server-side applications using Node JS.

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Our developers work independently and work as a team as and when required. Ability to contribute with utmost reliability is the key strength of our people.


Our Business Model is very sustainable and economic.


Per our policy, when our developers are hired for any project by default they get into the non-disclosure agreement to maintain the integrity of the system.

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$99per month

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  • 10 GB bandwidth/month
  • Free SSL Activation
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All Developers are dedicated resources, work with one customer at a time. Once they finish their assignment in hands – they move to another customer.