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We are here to solve your problems. Let ask your doubts.!
All Developers are dedicated resources, work with one customer at a time. Once they finish their assignment in hands – they move to another customer.

Some developers we have who work 5 days a week.Few developers we have who works 6 days a week. Few developers we have who works alternate Saturdays

Given we are delivering global services. Our developers support India, US, UK, ME and EU timezone.

Mark-up includes the below.Desk Cost, Compliance, Laptop, Tech Lead (If Developer operate from our site), Margin.

We have been operating on this mark-up since 3 years ensuring it does not hit customer pocket and help us to deliver continuously. We keep it open and transparent.

Customer would be paying for number of days developer worked for him. It is “Pay as you use” model.

Developer Operating from customer site will be monitored and managed by customer. Developer operating from our site will be monitored and managed by our Tech lead.

With each contract we-sign NDA / IP with customer to ensure the smooth relationship and assurity of delivering all customer assets.

Customer owns the code repository, we handover all to customer and collect their sign-off at the time of contract closure.

Yes, they are our employees. We have pool of resources which we bring on-board immediately or within 7 days.

We bill customer as:Cost of Resource + 25% Mark-up (Monthly Billing)

We analyze each developer before we bring them on-board as they are pre-vetted by our tech panels. In case of performance issue, resignation or unforeseen circumstances, we provide replacement in 7days.

The day we receive request from customer; we fulfill the request in 7 to 10 days.

3+ years of minimum experience our developer poses across the technologies we have

Yes, we do have developers out of Chennai.

We do not operate on profit sharing model.

We do not operate on equity sharing model.

We have established in mid 2014 in Chennai, delivering services to India and other global locations.

We have 80+ tech developers with us across various technologies

All billing comply to government of India statutory norms of taxation. Hence, no cash business.

If Developer operating from Customer site ; customer will assign work to developer and monitor his delivery. If Developers operating from our site ; we would be assigning and prioritizing work in consultation with customer.

Yes, please visit www.aravindinfotech.com or mail us  info@aravindinfotech.com

Given all developers are our employees and they are bound to agreed terms and conditions and they need to fulfill 2 months of notice period.

We charge customer on a monthly cost. We pro-rata the cost based on number of days / week etc…

Chennai, India

We can provide the same as requested.

Our developers are experienced in multiple domains such as Healthcare, IoT, E-Commerce, Social platforms, Mythology, Logistics, Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Travel & Tourism, ChatBot, Artificial Intelligence and various others

Our developers speak in English and leveraging translation software at times for better understanding.

Yes, all international customers we charge in dollars.

Yes, all national customers we charge in INR

Yes, they are your team. You can speak to them anytime you want, do calls, video meetings and face to face interactions. Before finalizing it, we will ensure they speak to you via a conference call / Video call, as needed.

Yes, you can interview them before they start working for you.

Yes, they are your team members. You can meet them anytime.

Yes, developers work on weekends as well and take other day off in a week. Customer requirements are incorporated in line with customer operating model.

Platform to rent techdevelopers as per your requirement. We provide pre-vetted dedicated tech developers across technologies who work with you as your team. Developers deliver services from 5 days to 500 days.

Within 7 to 10 days we will be able to provide the replacements. In case of resignation, we have sufficient notice period to cover transition and replacement.

Yes, we do share technical assessment sheet with customers.

Yes, we would be able to share technical assessment from our side in writing across technologies and parameters..

Yes, we would love toshare the technical assessment.

7 Days we take developer to start working after confirmation. These 7 days we use for paper work, transition, requirement understanding and others.

Android Development,  IOS Development,  Nodejs Development

We take 5 to 7 weeks for MVP Development – Minimum Viable Product.

Raise the notification to us and we will work with you for replacement and ensure there is no delivery loss and timelines are met.

From 5 days to 500 days+ one can rent developer across technologies.

Yes we have our technical assessment sheet which clearly outlines our criteria on which we build teams. We love to share the same with you.

We identify the right fit Take Technical assessment (Writing / Verbal) Finalize the candidate (based on our patterns defined) Initiate On-boarding

We have standard mark-up margin across the technologies. We do not want to discriminate between popular technologies, rare, demand etc… We charge 25% on Cost of Resource.

We on-board customers based on compensation bench-marking. It depends on which salary developer started his career, his yearly raises and others. Mostly we keep a industry standard slab.

As we sign the deal, we deploy resource in 5 to 7 days.

Cost of resource is part of contract. We keep complete openness and transparency with our customers.

Apart from National holidays, developers follow customer based leave policy whether they operate from our site or customer site.

Yes, it is a permanent position with us. You would be part of the organization delivering technology empowerment to various customers.

You would be working from our office and may operate from customer office. Given few products our developed in controlled environment and we adhere towards those norms.

You are part of Vriksha techno Solutions organization and work with their customers. Experience, learning, technology advancement towards your skills will be very high compared to seasoned developer.

Given you are our employee, Vriksha techno Solutions would be paying you salary.

Vriksha techno Solutions is a platform where customers rent tech developers to build next generation technology products and solutions. Developer working on this platform get achance to work with various business stakeholders, different technologies, Different business models, technology stacks and others.

We provide one leave per month and 4 leaves per quarter to each developer. This is apart from National Holidays.

Developers follow National Holiday calendar published by company in the beginning of year. Apart from your leave policy.

We follow 5 days working We follow 6 days working, depends on work requirement We follow alternate weekend-off, depends on work requirement.

We are 3 1?2 Year oldcompany now, started in 2014. Based in Chennai, India.

We have 80+ full-time developers with us working on latest technology stacks.

You will be notified 5 days prior of completing your current project. So far in 3 1?2 years we never had a situation of keeping developers on bench.

We have multiple customers across the globe. We have experience working with 90+ customers. Today we deliver services in India, US, ME, UK and other locations.

Developer has huge benefits working with Vriksha techno Solutions. Few aspects are as follows: They work like entrepreneur They work like Tech Leads Learning is huge Technology knowledge potential is very high Learn various business models Global exposure working different customers Awards & Recognition Many Others

Yes, we have regular training schedules across technologies for developers to attend. We also encourage them for certifications as well.

There is no Hierarchy like traditional services companies. You operate in your arena directly with customer and work with Tech Lead for assistance as needed. All Developers roll-up under Director IT

Yes, you need to sign NDA at the time of joining.

Yes, we have on-site opportunities where Developers work from customer site @ global locations.

Our office start at 10:00 AM and ends at 12:00 AM in night. This covers timezone such as India, US, CANADA, ME and others. We do not have as such defined shifts, we are more concerned to ensure delivery is on time.

Our office start at 10:00 AM and ends at 12:00 AM in night. This covers timezone such as India, US, CANADA, ME and others. We do not have as such defined shifts, we are more concerned to ensure delivery is on time.

Developer working at client side will do the following: - Work will be assigned by customer - National Leave calendar will be followed - Working days as per customer (99% customers works 5 days a week)

You can approach TechLead anytime when you need assistance.

Yes, you can ask for a change. Will enable transition to other developer and ensure customer is also happy.

Given we work on critical products / solutions and at time develop them in controlled environment – we prefer developers to work from office.

Yes, all expenses foryour travel will be borne by company – such as travel, lodging, daily allowances and others.

Vriksha techno Solutions provide you laptop as per requirement from product / solution.

We do not work on weekends, but if situation arise due to launch, demo or readiness due to timelines, we ask developers to work. We compensate for the same.

We compensate the same either with One day salary or compensatory off

We have 80+ full timedevelopers working with various customers.

We do not restrict onthis piece to anyone, we feel all developers are matured and poses sense of responsibility.

We have Monthly billing process. We take advance at the start of the service and remaining at the end of the month. We raise invoices across customers by 30th and realize payments by 10th of next month. As per policy.

Yes, we do take advance payment to intact customer interest and our commitment in delivering what is committed

We have great flexibility when it comes to this piece. We tentatively take time to deploy developer to ensure we have pipeline ready for developer for his next product / project.

No, Service Based Company

Yes, you can leverage developer expertise from 5 days to 500 days.

Service can be terminated with flexibility and renew as needed by customer.

Yes, all developers are our employees and work with various customers in dedicated service delivery.

If Developer is not employed with us, then he will not be able to deliver services as part-time, freelancer or contractor to our customers.

Sorry, customer can’t hire developeronrent resource directly and so do pay them directly.